To fit the ring to your finger, slide your finger through the handle of the cup. While holding this Ring Cup, it will appear as if you are wearing an actual ring.


Floyd's representative piece

We hope you truly enjoy the story and design of this unique mug and case set, from the moment you open the lid to the moment you hold the mug in your hand and place the ring on your finger.
Our mission at Floyd is to bring emotion, surprise, and smiles to all, and we are proud to have captured the essence of our mission in our representative design piece, this Ring Cup.

Sparkle Ring

The ring is made using high-purity gold and platinum, each one hand-painted by craftsmen. A beautiful 8mm round crystal is then embedded in a V-shaped groove, producing a brilliant sparkle.

Birthday Crystal Stone

At Floyd's Online Shop, you can make your very own customized Ring Cup, complete with a birthday crystal stone.
The perfect birthday present for that special person, or an ideal gift for a wedding or anniversary!