Bear Fruit

This series of side dishes and small bowls are produced at a kiln located in the town of Hasami, Nagasaki and utilize a specially formulated glaze that gives each one its unique texture.   


Fits comfortably in your hand

With painstaking attention to the clay in terms of balance, softness of the curves and overall feeling in the hand, the designer arrived upon this collection of forms.

Depth and Texture

Constructed using mass-production molds, each piece is then individually hand-painted ensuring no two are alike. Its uniquely formulated glaze creates rich texture and depth, adding harmony and balance to the food inside. For those who love to carefully select their favorite fruit and vegetables, you'll be sure to find the perfect Bear Fruit dish for your table.

For any style of cuisine

One of the joys of cooking is selecting your favorite plate or bowl for presentation. Our Bear Fruit series is ideal for its ease of use with a wide range of Japanese and world cuisines. Perfect for appetizers, pickles and desserts. With our Bear Fruit dishes, even the simplest recipes come to life and fill our hearts with joy.