Arita Jewel

Delicately glazed white porcelain. Utilizing a technique known as ‘crystalline glaze’ to achieve its elegant transparency, this ‘Mamezara’ (small side plate) has the beautiful luster of a precious jewel.

This ARITA JEWEL was born from a chance encounter with a potter in Arita, Saga Prefecture, and fired in a kiln with over 200 years of history and experience. This beautiful piece expresses the charm of a new era in porcelain.


The soft sparkle of Arita ware

Each Arita Jewel is carefully crafted one by one at Fujimaki Ceramics, a company founded in the Arita region in 1775. Traditionally, Arita ware is known for its detailed painted images. At Fujimaki Ceramics, rather than applying this painting technique, their shimmering pale colors are produced by applying a crystal glaze to their white and bluish-white porcelain, a technique they have mastered through the years.

Mamezara: Tiny plates bring color to your life.

Ideal for your dinner table, for sweets at teatime, or use this ‘Mamezara’ as a tray for your favorite accessories and let their beauty shine.

Arita Bloom

Using the same technique as our Arita Jewel, the base of these pieces are delicately engraved with an anemone pattern and wrapped in a milky glaze.