Tulip Glass

Like beautifully blossoming tulips, the mouth of these Tulip Glasses bloom upward, focusing the aroma and flavors of your favorite beverage. So just as you take time to smell the flowers, you can now fully enjoy scents and flavors as you sip.


Just the right fit for you

Tasting the same drink from glasses with different sizes and shapes can have a dramatic impact on its flavor. With its flared mouth, the shape of this Tulip Glass is ideal for capturing and enhancing rich aromas inside the glass.
The large 340ml size and smaller 220ml size are perfect for wine, cocktails, Japanese sake, umeshu and even your favorite juice, anytime you'd like to fully explore the full depth of aroma.

Delicate, bright petals

Delicate flower veins with vivid gradation.
Through repeated trials and exacting attention, we were able to reproduce a tulip that just might be mistaken for the real thing.

With meticulous handiwork, flowers bloom

To create our Tulip Glass, a total of six petals printed on glass transfer paper are meticulously applied. The process begins with applying three petals before the first baking.
The glass is then cooled before applying the final 3 petals and baked once again.