Bird-shaped Torizara Plates

A Torizara is a small plate used in Japan when people take food for themselves from a larger plate. The name is made from two Japanese words, Tori and Zara, and it is from here that these plates were inspired. In Japanese, ‘Zara’ or ‘Sara’ refers to a plate or serving tray. 'Tori' has two meanings: one meaning is to take something, and the second meaning is a bird. It is with this play on words in mind that we created these expressive bird-shaped Torizara.


Smooth, matte texture

These Torizara were created in collaboration with Sakuzan, a producer of Mino tableware. The tail feathers of these plates are slightly raised allowing for easy pickup as well as for cutlery or chopsticks to rest neatly to the side. The glaze is gentle to the touch and the matte color will complement any dish. Be sure to turn them over to find the hidden feather shape on the foot.

Kotorizara: Our tiny Torizara

Kotori means a baby bird in Japanese, and these Kotorizara plates are ideal to accompany their parent Torizara. Cute and plump, they can be used at any table or for your favorite accessories.

Torizara x Sara

Our Torizara and Kotorizara use the same glaze as Sakuzan's Sara Series. Enjoy coordinating your table with the Sara Series selection of plates, bowls, coffee cups, and more.