Home & Away Rug

This unique "Home & Away" doormat displays a different message as you enter and leave!

Ambigram door mat

When 'home' is reversed, it becomes 'away'!
This is an entrance mat that employs the technique of an ambigram, where changing the viewing direction results in a different meaning. It is an accent rug filled with Floyd's characteristic concept, where it can be read as 'away' when going out and as 'home' when returning.
An ambigram is a graphic style that uses letters or shapes to display different words or figures when inverted in specific directions or angles.
In addition to its function as an entrance mat, it is a highly unique and witty product that brings visual surprise.

Vibrant colors, durable cotton

We have renewed it with 100% cotton Indian cotton in seven color variations. In India, the cultivation of cotton and the art of cotton weaving have been passed down for centuries. The cotton fibers are thick, short, and strong, known for their resilience and durability, making them ideal for rug materials.
The textured Indian cotton is a versatile material suitable for year-round use and harmonizes with various interior styles. It is also recommended to change colors seasonally for added enjoyment.