Butterfly Chopstick Rests

The butterfly has long been adored as a symbol of true happiness. These porcelain Chopstick Rests have been individually handcrafted by craftsmen in the historic town of Seto in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, famous for its traditional ceramic art.


Elaborate molding, delicate painting

Seto, located in Aichi Prefecture, is one of the six old kilns in Japan and have been producing ceramic tableware and tea utensils for centuries. During the Meiji Era, the region began to produce porcelain dolls and figurines for export that became known as Seto Novelties. These pieces were highly regarded overseas and played a central role in Seto's post-war ceramic craftsmanship. Currently, while exports have fallen, the region's history and techniques are alive and present in these Butterfly Chopstick Rests.

Bringing color to your table

Let this brilliantly colored butterfly come fluttering to your table and watch as it seems to sit resting its wings on a twig when paired with these beech chopsticks. With its adorable design, you will love as it sits on your table, becoming part of your everyday life.

Delivering happiness

Give the gift of happiness to someone you love. This set of five beautifully colored butterfly chopstick rests will bring smiles to their faces.