Symbol of Japan "Fujisan"

From our home in Mishima City, we are blessed with awe-inspiring views of Mt. Fuji. Now you can enjoy your own view of this magnificent mountain by placing this bowl upside down on your shelf. This piece showcases our commitment to design.


Fuji Wan: A bowl born from an encounter

Our Fuji Wan bowl was created after encountering this turquoise glaze at a kiln in Hasami, Nagasaki Prefecture. Just as the expression of Fujisan changes with each passing day, the hand-applied glaze on each piece is kiln-fired to make every bowl a unique work of art.

Fuji Kiriko: Born from traditional craftsmanship

With precise and elaborate cuts representing Mt. Fuji’s snow-covered peak, Kiriko artisans are able to portray the colorful faces of Japan’s sacred mountain in the characteristic Kiriko colors of “ruri” (lapis lazuli blue), and “beni” (ruby red).

Mt. Fuji in a sea of clouds

The clouds formed by Mt. Fuji have been used as a means to forecast weather since ancient times. These clouds are expressed in Floyd's Fujisan Series by carefully wrapping each piece in soft cotton.