Labeled Lunch Series

With bold, emotive lettering expressing the function of each piece, our Labeled Lunch Series of boxes and containers are the ideal way to carry your lunch or favorite snack with a design and functionality perfectly suited to today's modern lifestyle.


Lacquerware-like texture

Kaga City in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, is known for its beautiful Yamanaka-Nuri lacquerware, a technique whose origins can be traced back to the 16th century. Building upon these traditional techniques, and by combining functionality and design, we’ve designed this Labeled Lunch Box to fit today’s modern lifestyle. Unlike standard molded plastics, our Labeled Lunch Boxes have been meticulously painted one by one by craftsmen in Kaga. The multiple layering of lacquer is the secret to their fine finish and texture.

Unisex design

The simple design and color is perfect for both him and her. Mix and match from our wide range of sizes to suit any menu - you'll want the entire set!

Use as a storage container

Our Deli Cup is ideal to carry your lunch and can also be a storage container for daily use and for trips outdoors. It's also microwave-safe when you remove the lid.